Misfits & Mayhem 5e One-shot (PDF)

A goblin filled fifth edition mystery solving adventure.


An evening of music and entertainment brings your party of goblins to the village of Gobbledygook. However it quickly becomes apparent that the festivities seem to have spun wildly out of control. Are the locals always this bizarre? Or is their a more nefarious cause to this mayhem?

With only a few hours ’til curtain, the party must find a cure for the chaos before the show is ruined.

This adventure is designed for four to six 4th level characters. It requires the use of the D&D fifth edition (5e) Players Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual.

Included in this digital download;

  • Full colour Adventure PDF
  • Printer friendly Adventure PDF
  • Full colour village map PDF
  • 3 printer friendly 70px grid battlemap files

Designed and written by Eddie Bullen
Map artwork by Eddie Bullen
Character artwork by Becky Kinge
Published by Dice Goblin

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