Session #1 - Misfits & Mayhem from Dice Goblin. 12 new dice sets, 12 new goblins.

Coming to Kickstarter July 2023

Coming to Kickstarter July 2023

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Celebrating the characters & chaos that make TTRPGs

The 12 dice sets that make up our next wave of dice are inspired by chaotic aligned character archetypes.

The Brawler Dice Set
The Brawler Goblin
The Electromancer Goblin

Bold contrasting colours.

We approach each of our designs with a desire to create a dice set that is colourful, fun and different.

Electromancer Dice Set

You can be confident that we will deliver!

This Kickstarter will be our second crowdfunding campaign. Last year we ran our Session #0 campaign and successfully delivered all rewards within our timeline scope.

We learnt crit-loads from Session #0 and now we are using our newfound knowledge to deliver an even better Kickstarter campaign with Session #1.

The Medic
Dice Goblin